How To Start Your Information Marketing Business.

Create Your Own Ebooks and Videos Digital Product Fast And Sell Like Mad Fire

No matter How Bad The Economy, The Secret Shared Here Can Completely Turn Your Financial Life Around in Few Weeks

“According to To -David Bailey  To get rich, you have to be making money while you're asleep” 

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Creating your own Digital Products is the best way to make bastard money online while you sleep

Show me just one Internet Guru who is not selling Ebooks or Videos, there is non including myself and that is why I want to show you how you can start creating your own digital products without spending too much time and money. You will not only learn how to create Digital Products like eBooks and Videos, I will show you how to start selling these information to hungry buyers who are ready to buy this information even before you create them.

Here Are The Things I want to Show You Today only if you ACT fast

  • 1
    Market Research: In this part of the training, I will show you badass tools I use in doing market research before even attempting to create any eBook or Video. I will give you full access to this tool. Don't create anything without this step.
  • 2
    Spy on Ebook Sellers: I will show you how to spy on successful ebook and digital products creators, and how to know their customers and also target such customers who will eventually flood you with their buyer habits. I will show you how to copy their system and even them will think they copied you when they see your strategy.
  • 3
    How To Easily Create Ebooks: I will show you step by step method of how to start creating your ebooks like a pro using my secret ebook creator software that will automate the process for you quickly and easily
  • 4
    How To Easily Create and Edit Videos: I will show you How  to Create and Edit Videos  like a pro with my Video Creation and Editing software. This software with unlimited license cost over $1, 000 but I will hand it over to you with the license for completely free of charge
  • 5
    How To Get Contents For Your Ebook Easily: You will learn How to gather contents for your Ebook and Video Creation in minutes. Content is the king, and never run out of contents. You will discover how to easily generate contents that you can just copy and paste. 
  • 6
    How To Generate Video Contents: You will also discover how to generate video contents for high demand videos, that you can just copy, recreate and start selling
  • 7
    How To Easily Create Your Ebook Cover in Minutes and package your product like a pro, customize with your name and information with a professional style without any stress
  • 8
    How To Sell Your Digital Products To Hungry Buyers: Creating a Digital Product is one thing, selling the products to hungry buyer is another thing, you will discover how to sell this digital product with or without a website to hungry buyers.
  • 9
    I will show you how to X10 your sales using my secret Whatsapp strategy. Many gurus know nothing about this
  • 10
    Some people claim to know how to run FB Ads Effectively yet waste their hard earned money running Ads that do not convert and even get their Fb Ads account banned. In this Training I will show you my Secret Fb Ads strategy that helps you run effective ads with very low spending, with high conversion that leads to sales. I sell this strategy for N15, 000, but you won't be paying that..
  • 11
    You won't be left alone, I will add you to my secret Telegram group of people like you where you get all the support you need incase you get stuck on the way. I am not like most so-called gurus who are only interested in selling to you, and that is why they call me the dollar man, I made over 100 millionaires only last year more than any state governor, if you like believe it or not.

Here are Mind Blowing Testimonials From People Like You Who Are Using This To Rake Money Online

If you really want a system that can continue to generate cash for you - Even in Bed or In Today's Bad Economy. Then This is For You

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You missed out!

"Endless Testimonials that I can't start posting"

This your Ebook creation and Video creation course na blast oh. Nawaooo how come you they give so much for just small money, abi you be father Christmass?

Oman Miracle


Great Guy.

The best internet marketer, web developer and seo expert I've come in contact with.

His courses are direct, instructive, and the best.

And, oh, you also get a one-on-one lifetime support from him.

You must make it.

Just follow instructions.

Theophilus Markeni

Web Developer

Here Are Some Bonuses For You If You Act Right Now

  • Free Access To Video Editing Software that I use in Creating, Recording and Editing all my Videos, Very Simple to use but it give's you all the functions of a badass Video Editing Tool. Sold for - $1, 0000
  • My Complete Facebook Ads Secret. This Facebook Ads Secret keeps bringing me sales every single day and I sell a copy of this for N15, 000
  • Whatsapp Sales Strategy. My Simple Whatsapp Strategy that keep making me sales even when I stop running paid Ads. This is like Mad Fire.  Worth N25, 000
  • Thrive Builder Software used in Creating Badass Sales Page like this page you are on right now worth over $400 for unlimited license

If you ACT fast today and make payment of Only N6,500.

Instead of N25, 000 Then you will get all the bonuses for free

Do A Transfer of N6,500 only To Zenith Bank WEBIIT TECHNOLOGIES 1013612455

After Payment please send your name, email. phone number and proof of payment to or on Whatsapp at 07067116962
Or You Can Pay Online and Get Access Immediately even if you pay 12am midnight

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  • 1. Introduction To Information Marketing
  • 2. Niche Research
  • 3. How To Perform Market Research
  • 4. Information Content Gatherring Tip
  • 5. Where To Find Free Videos Products to download for free, create and Sell
  • 6. Where To Find Free Ebooks Online
  • 7. How To Create Your Own Ebooks
  • 8. How To Record Your Videos and Screen
  • 9. How to Edit Videos like a pro
  • 10. Domain, Hosting and Sales Page design
  • 11. How To Design Sales Page Part 1
  • 12. How To Design Your Sales Page Part 2
  • 14. How To Collect Payment From Your Website
  • 15. How To Configure Your Materials For Buyers To Download
  • 16. How To Distribute Ebooks Without A Website
  • 17. How To Sell Like Mad Fire
  • 18. How To Setup Post Engagement Ads
  • 18. How To Setup Post Engagement Ads
  • 19. How To Run Facebook Traffic Ads
  • 20. How To Run Facebook Conversion Ads
  • 20. How To Run Facebook Conversion Ads
  • How To Download any Udemy Courses For Free and Recreate Them As Your Information Product
    How To First Investigate Hungry Buyers for your product before you even think of creating, this tool is a killer tool and more........

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't get all I promised in the video tutorial, just let me know and I'll send you a prompt refund. Everything as promised will be handed over to you.


  • CAN I CHAT YOU UP IF I HAVE A QUESTION?  Yes, Chat me on Whatsapp 07067116962. I respond to Whatsapp Messages Faster.
  • AFTER PAYMENT HOW DO I ACCESS THE COURSE? You Will Be Immediately Redirected To The Download Page If You Made Payment Online. But If You Did A Transfer, Please Send Details to my Whatsapp 07067116962 and I will Give You Access Immediately
  • ARE YOU SURE THIS WILL WORK FOR ME?  You Will Definitely Be Wowed How This Will Bring You More Money if you take your time to FOCUS on this
  • HOW CAN I TRUST YOU? 100% trust, I have included my whatsapp number so you can call me and add me, you have nothing to worry about.
  • IS THERE ANY SUPPORT? Yes you will be redirected to join the Whatsapp support group immediately after payment confirmation
  • I AM NOT TOO TECHY WILL I UNDERSTANT THIS? Yes!!! The Strategy Shared Will Definitely Work For You Even If You Are New to making money on the internet

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PS.: This is not a get money quick scheme and result differs from people to people, you need to put the efforts involved and take action before you can get same results with successful users of this product and we will not be responsible for any failure.

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